Career Mentoring Program: 2018-2019 Application
Being a mentee in our program puts you in a special place to get closer to the career you want and the person you want to be.

This application will help us assess if the 8 month time commitment is right for you at this time and if this program best meets your needs.

If you need any clarification about this application process or the Career Mentoring Program in general, contact us at or call 780-492-4291.

Deadline: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP)
Protection of Privacy: The personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be protected under Part 2 of that Act. It will be used for for the purpose of providing career and employment-related services. Direct any questions about this collection to: Director, U of A Career Centre, 2-100 SUB, University of Alberta, T6G 2J7; (780) 492-4291 (voice) or (780) 492-1225 (fax).
A limited number of undergraduate students and postdoctoral fellows will be accepted into this program.

Graduate students are invited to apply to the Graduate Student Career Mentoring Program. Contact for information.

Tips for preparing a strong application
What you write in this application form and what you identify as your goals in your interview (if selected) is the information we use to choose your mentor. Carefully consider what you need from this program to make it a valuable, worthwhile experience for both you and your mentor and the time you spend together.

This application will take about 30 minutes to fill out. Take a moment to scroll through the application and review the questions before beginning to give yourself time to reflect on your answers.

You can come back and copy and paste your answers at another time.

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Part 1: Contact Information
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Part 2: Academic Information
Undergraduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows are all eligible to apply to the Career Mentoring Program.

Graduate students are not eligible for this program and should seek advice from the Graduate Student Career Mentoring Program. Contact or call 780-492-4291 for information.

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Part 3: Your History of Engagement in Career Exploration
Applicants who get the most value from the Career Mentoring Program demonstrate a desire to engage in career education activities and explore their options.
Have you ever engaged in any of the following career development activities? (Check all that apply) *
Part 4: Written Response
We highly recommend you write a draft of your answers outside of this form so you can edit and revise your answer (you cannot edit your application once you submit the form).

The answers to these questions may be shared with your career mentor during the matching process. Please ensure there are no spelling mistakes.

We encourage you to visit the Student Success Centre to get feedback on your draft before submitting.

Why is this the right time in your career to apply to the Career Mentoring Program? *
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What qualities do you think make a good mentee? From your education, experiences (work, volunteer, other), skills and abilities, interests and/or values give two examples that demonstrate why you are a good fit for the program. *
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What do you want to get out of the program? How do you hope to be different after having a mentor? *
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What are your career goals, if any? *
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Are there any industries, workplaces, work environments and/or professionals you hope to learn more about? *
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Part 5: Your ideal mentor
Our goal is to tailor your mentoring experience to your needs. We cannot guarantee an exact match, but you can increase the quality of your match by answering the questions below to the best of your ability.
What does a mentor mean to you? *
Character limit: 1000
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Envision your ideal mentor. Who do you see? What are their qualities, skills, education, experience and/or values and why will this mentor help you take the next steps towards the career you want and the person you want to be? *
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Would you be interested in being able to discuss the following with your career mentor?
Part 6: Goal Setting: Developing Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes and Connections
This is an ideal program to work on skills to compliment the knowledge you are gaining in your degree. Which two skills would you like to develop the most? *
Why do you want to strengthen these two skills specifically? *
Address each of the two skills you chose above, below.
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Part 7: Commitments and Next Steps
If you are invited to participate in an interview the interview will take place October 1 to 5, 2018.

You will be notified by e-mail. Please check your junk mail periodically for updates after Friday, September 28, 2018. You will be able to choose your interview time through Doodle Poll.

If you are accepted into the program the following sessions are mandatory parts of the Career Mentoring Program. Please review them and take note so that if you are accepted into the program you will be able to participate fully in the program. *
If you have concerns call the Career Centre at 780-492-4291 or e-mail to discuss them.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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