Child Safeguarding Statement
On December 11th 2017, the Children First Act 2015 became law, giving statutory status to Children First: the National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children.

The Act provides for a number of key child protection measures including:
• mandatory reporting of child abuse,
• the appointment by relevant bodies of child safeguarding officers to include:
o Designated Liaison Persons
o Children’s Officers
o National Organisation’s Mandated Person
• the provision of Child Safeguarding Training Programmes
• the development and publication of Child Safeguarding Statements by all affiliated organisations (Clubs, Committees)

Documentation and instructions to assist our members clubs, committees and other affiliates comply with the Act which must be completed by March 11th 2018 Is attached.
The following actions are now necessary to comply:
1. Appoint a Children’s officer and Designated Liaison Person as appropriate.
If you haven’t appointed a Children’s Officer you should move to do so now. It may also be appropriate to appoint a
Designated Liaison Person. The relevant roles are described in Sport Ireland's Code of Ethics
2. Risk Assessment
Carry out a risk assessment.
The attached template provided by Sport Ireland will assist with this.
Ensure that:
a. the template is adapted to suit your organisation’s circumstances
b. each risk is ranked High, Medium or Low.
c. consider the factors in place to reduce the risk and any further action you can take to lower it.
d. other risks of potential harm that are specific to your circumstances are included.
3. Record your Risk Assessment
After you review your Risk Assessment, minute it at your meeting and get your Chairperson and Children’s Officer to
sign and date it.
4. Develop your Child Safeguarding Statement
Write the statement (the attached template provides guidance). Review it, sign and date it.
5. Display your child safeguarding statement
The act requires that the Child Safeguarding Statement is displayed in a prominent place. (notice board, public area,
website etc.). The signed Child Safeguarding Statement should also be distributed to all members by
mail/email/web or social media on an annual basis.
6. Confirm Compliance to The Irish Amateur Wrestling Association
Please complete attached Google Form to advise you have complied with the requirements.

If you have any queries about any aspect of the act and how it applies to your club or committee, please contact Daniel at

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