Solarize Bloomington Phase 2 begins, as Phase 1 nears completion!
The City of Bloomington’s Solarize Phase 1 helped almost 100 homeowners Go Solar and put over 1,000 kW (that’s an actual Mega Watt!) of new solar on residences and City buildings this year, with SIREN’s assistance. That almost doubled the amount of solar in Bloomington and Monroe County!

Now PHASE 2 of the SIREN/City of Bloomington Solarize campaign is open. Once again, it is all about bringing solar energy to you at a discount, while making it a whole lot easier than doing all the research and negotiating on your own.

Phase 2 expands the program boundaries to include homeowners, businesses, and other property owners in the surrounding counties - Greene, Lawrence, Morgan, Orange and Owen - as well as residents of Bloomington and Monroe County. Participation is open to both Duke Energy and REMC customers.

For more details on the program or Questions & Answers on solar energy, please visit:

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(The website link above will take you to the new Solarize Phase 2 Signup Form)
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