ECIU Masterclass Application Form - 2018
Please read the Application Guidelines for Hosting an ECIU Masterclass before completing this Google form. If for some reason you are able to submit your application using this Google form by the extend submission date of 20th April 2018, then please email a MS Word version to Professor Mark Brown, Chair of the Steering Committee on Innovation in Teaching and Learning. <>
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European Consortium of Innovative Universities
Closing Date 20th April 2018 (new extend date)
Please complete the following application form and submit before the closing date. You can either copy and paste your response to each section from a word processor or dynamically edit this form as often as you like as you prepare your application. No edits will be possible after the closing date.
Masterclass Title *
Please give your proposed Masterclass a title
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Name of your Institution(s): *
List the name of the lead university proposing to host the Masterclass
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Name of Applicants *
Please list the names and full titles of the lead applicants
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Name of Main Contact Person *
Please give a single contact name for contact purposes or should we require further information
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Main Contact Details *
Please provide contact details including email address and telephone number for main contact person
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Other Institutional Partners *
Please list any other universities or institutional partners involved in supporting the Masterclass
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Justification for Masterclass *
Please provide a brief justification for why your proposed Masterclass is both timely and likely to be highly relevant to other ECIU member institutions
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Masterclass Description *
Please provide a short describe of your proposed Masterclass. Your description should be suitable for helping to promote the Masterclass to other institutional members should your application be successful. You may wish to include the proposed programme over the course of the day.
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Target Audience *
Please briefly describe the target audience for your proposed Masterclass
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Proposed Dates *
Please indicate the date(s) you have in mind for hosting the proposed Masterclass
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Quality and Experience of the Contributors *
Please provide a brief outline of the quality and experience of the people who will be contributing to the proposed Masterclass (you may wish to include hyperlinks to relevant websites)
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Learning Outcomes *
Please outline the intended learning outcomes associated with your proposed Masterclass
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Benefits to Participants *
Please briefly outline the potential benefits for participants, member institutions and learners
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Member Collaboration *
Please briefly outline how the the proposed Masterclass is likely to support or contribute to collaboration amongst ECIU members
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Alignment with ECIU Mission *
Please briefly outline how the proposed Masterclass is consistent with ECIU’s Teaching and Learning Statement and commitment to challenging conventional thinking (see ECIU website for further information)
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Proposed Budget *
Please briefly outline how you intend to use the funding available for hosting a Masterclass
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Proposed Evaluation Methodology *
Please briefly outline how you propose to evaluate the success of your Masterclass
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