Community Input for 21st CCLC Grant at Woodland Elementary
Thank you for providing feedback on the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. The grant application will be on file at the school on December 3-4 and will be submitted the following week. Grantees will received notice of awards in March 2021.
The grant requires five parent skill building classes each year for parents/families of students who attend the 21st CCLC program. What programs would be most beneficial? Enter your own ideas under 'Other'.
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Do you know a knowledgeable person who might be willing to teach a parent skill building class? Please list their name and contact information,
Do you have ideas about how to support families who are English Language Learners? (The primary language at home is not English.)
Do you have ideas about clubs or enrichment activities that would be beneficial to students?
Do you have ideas on how to include the arts in after school or summer programming? Do you know someone who may help us with activities or programming related to the arts?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. If you know of businesses or individuals that would provide excellent support for STEM activities, please provide names and contact information.
Feel free to provide other input on STEM programming and resources for the purpose of grant planning.
Do you have ideas about themes for the three weeks of required summer programming?
Are you a current or former Woodland Elementary parent? *
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This is helpful in allowing us to follow up on ideas you have provided or in making contact with your suggestions of volunteers and/or business connections,
You may choose to provide a good way for the school to contact you.
This space is for additional input regarding the school's grant application.
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