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Welcome to ICEI 2018! ICEI (Indonesian Challenge on Economic Ideas) is a competition that assesses ideas regarding highlighted economic matters from university students all over Indonesia. ICEI itself is one of the series of events from FSDE (Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi). Different than any other competitions, this year ICEI will introduce ICEI Speaks Up, which will be wrapped in the concept of Focus Group Discussion, so that the participants can widen their knowledge regarding the sub-themes. The participants of ICEI are required to build a team consisting of two students from the same university.

This year, FSDE 2018 introduced “Reviving Hope: Fostering Economic Resilience in the Post Crisis Era” as its grand theme. Also, the committee has revealed three sub-themes that will be used for the essay writing for ICEI. The following sub-themes are:

1. Macro and Microprudential Policy to Strengthen Financial Stability
2. Countercyclical Fiscal Policy to Respond Economic Fluctuations
3. Developing Economic Resilience Through SME

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