Capital City Farmers' Market Vendor Registration
Welcome! All vendors interested in joining our market family must register in advance. Once you have registered your application will be reviewed, and then you will receive an email notification informing you if you have been accepted.

Once accepted, applicants will receive an acceptance package that will include vendor agreement, invoice for the market, and permit fees, this is sent via email to all applicants in 3-5 business days after acceptance.

The market manager will be reviewing applications for new vendors on a monthly basis during the market season (March - October).
The Capital City Farmers' Market is held every Thursday from May 7 through October 29, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in Mill Hill Park, located at 165 E. Front Street, Trenton, NJ. Each week the market draws around 4,000+ visitors -- workers from the surrounding state/government offices and private businesses, as well as residents and tourists. The market features Jersey Fresh farm produce and regional producers, specialty food, baked goods, artisan crafts, jewelry, wellness products, and much more.

We’re a close and growing community. Our long-term vendors have a dedicated base of loyal patrons, and several have gone on to open brick and mortar stores after growing with us.

Vendors will be highlighted in our weekly email blast (4000+ readers), social media posts (6100+ contacts), newspaper ads (18,000 viewers), and general products on postcards, posters, and other materials.
We just have a few rules to make the Capital City Farmers' Market a positive experience for everyone. Please see details below.
Before you are approved as a vendor, the Market Manager will go over any questions you might have about what you propose to sell, as well as any other relevant City regulations or rules that might apply to you. We’ll highlight two here:

• You must let us know before you substantially change what you’re selling. Importantly, if you are approved as a non-food vendor, and you later decide to sell food, you must re-register and pay the health inspection fee, or you will not be permitted to vend.

• We allow non-food items if they are handmade. Our customers value that our market provides unique things they can’t find elsewhere. No mass-produced items, please.

In addition to the permits, all vendors must pay the market fee.

$750 Full season (25 weeks: May-Oct)*
$400 1/2 season (May-Jul or Aug-Oct)
$150 Monthly (May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct)**

* There is a special introductory discounted rate for First-time vendors. There is also a special rate for Returning Vendors if they sign up and pay for the full season in advance.


** For those who choose the Monthly option, we encourage you to attend all days for that month for continuity reasons. We put a lot of effort into marketing the CCFM, and we believe you will see the benefits of our promotion better with attending consecutive weeks.
In addition to the table fee, vendors must also pay the necessary city permit fees ($25 for non-food vendors / $125 for food vendors).

All market fees and permit fees are non-refundable. -Please select only the dates that you will be able to vend.

TDA will file for all the necessary city permits on your behalf. These are:

• A one-time $25 event permit for all vendors, required by the City of Trenton.

• An additional, one-time health inspection fee of $100 for vendors selling perishables, even if pre-packaged (e.g. baked goods, candy, drinks, etc.). This means that an inspector from the City of Trenton will come by and make sure your stand meets the regulations.

All permits and inspections are valid for the season.

Note: Downtown business owners must also pay the above fees as well, as the market is a separate location from your store, according to City regulations.
• Cancellations will only be made on state-issued emergency alerts or under special circumstances and inclement weather which will only be announced on TDA website ( and our Facebook page at 7:30 a.m. the day of the event. Vendors will also be notified by email in the event of cancellations.

• If you paid for a date in advance and you are unable to make the event, the payment will not be returned or carried over.

• If you are unable to attend on a particular date, please call or send an email no later then 7 a.m. the day of the event. Empty tents hurt the market as a whole, and it is not fair to our ambassadors to make them set up tents for no-shows. If you fail to call/email you will not be permitted to vend at the next market date.
The NJ Division of Taxation requires businesses to register with the State of NJ to collect sales tax. You may do this yourself online ( If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the Division's Customer Service Center at 609.292.6400 or email them at

You may also review the following document that will explain the process further (
• Free vendor parking is available on both sides of Front Street, adjacent to Mill Hill Park, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on market days.

• Vendor Parking Permits will be given to you by a TDA ambassador on your first day when you arrive at the park. Please keep your permit in your vehicle for the season. We will not issue replacements.

• Loading: There is the main opening right after the bus stop on the side of the park, which will be marked with an “unloading for vendors” sign. Please unload all your items there and move your vehicle right away. The front end of your car should face Montgomery St. when parking alongside the park.

• Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make sure your Vendor Parking Permit is visible through your windshield.
• Vendors can begin setting up as early as 8:30 AM. NO vendor will be allowed to set up after 10:30 AM; if you are not set up by 10:35, you will be penalized.

• Vendors are not permitted to drive into Mill Hill Park to load and unload for the Capital City Market. If you violate this rule, you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return. You will forfeit all vendor fees paid. We maintain the park – please respect that.

• Your vendor package includes a tent and chair. Please bring your table and any signs, displays, etc. that you may need.

• You will be assigned to a tent, which will have your name on it. Please do not set up under a tent assigned to another vendor. If you can’t find your tent, please see a TDA ambassador. Please note that TDA may reassign your location at its discretion.

• If you are serving food (scooping ice cream, preparing smoothies, etc.), you must follow all sanitary regulations. Please contact The City of Trenton Health Department at (609) 989-3332 for rules, regulations, and questions. Refer to Chapter 206-24 Health & Sanitation Requirements at
• Please do not hang merchandise from the tent. The tents are fragile and break easily. Adding weight does not help. You are permitted to hang your business banner – but if we determine that your banner may damage the tent, we may ask you to remove it. If you violate this rule and damage a tent, you’ll have to buy it ($250).

The vendor package (see below) includes a 10 X 10 canopy and a chair. Vendors are required to bring their own tables.

• Do not move the tents. If you need a tent moved, please see one of the TDA ambassadors.
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Are there other vendors that you would like to invite to the market? We're still looking for artisan foods (chocolate, jams, honey, spices, cheese, mushrooms, etc.), bread bakery, ice cream, plants or any other specialty local food items. Let's give small businesses like yourself an opportunity to grow and give our consumers the best products ever. Please provide us with the contact information for anyone you will like us to contact that you believe will be a great fit for our market.
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