KAMSA Mentorship Sign-up Form for KAMA/KAMRAF Mentors
Hello KAMA/KAMRAF physicians!

First of all, thank you so much for your willingness to mentor a member of our Korean American Medical Student Association (KAMSA). We recognize that mentorship is valuable in our medical community and in our career, and that is why we want to facilitate a mentorship program for our members!

The process:
After you fill out this google form, your name, specialty, and hospital/institution will be listed on our website (kamsaus.org). There is a separate google form that KAMSA members who are looking for mentors will fill out. Then we will match mentor to mentee and let you both know!

If any questions/concerns arise, feel free to send us an email at kamsa.usa@gmail.com.

*Your contact information will NOT be public. Only your name, specialty, and hospital will be featured on our website!*
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For example, would you want to talk monthly, bi-annually, one-time conversation, etc, and through what communication method (Zoom, phone calls, email, etc). Please freely indicate your preferences and expectations here.
If you are participating in the KAMA Women in Medicine Mentorship Program, would you be interested in being paired with a student who is looking for a female mentor?
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