eBook Discovery/Instafreebie Premier Group Giveaway Submission
Use this form to submit a book for consideration for an eBook Discovery/Instafreebie Premier Group Giveaway.

If you wish to submit more than one book, you will be given the opportunity to do so at the end of this form.

Minimum Requirements
1. The ebook MUST have a 4.1 or better star rating at Amazon. If the book is not on Amazon, you must have a different book in the same genre/sub-genre on Amazon that meets the requirements.

2. You MUST possess an .epub OR .mobi of your ebook.

3. IF you are NOT the publisher, you MUST have your publisher's permission to place the book in a Premier Group Giveaway.

4. Your newsletter/email list MUST already contain at least 200 emails.

7. You must have (or plan to have) a PAID Instafreebie account that is in good standing. For more information about Instafreebie accounts visit https://instafreebie.com/plans

What makes a Premier Group Giveaway different from the rest?
1. It's so MUCH MORE than a "newsletter exchange", though that happens too!

2. Placing your book in an eBook Discovery Premier Group Giveaway is 100% FREE to you.

3. We keep the book grouping small and analogous so readers respond by downloading your ebook (and giving you their email address) rather than being overwhelmed by a 100 different books, downloading one (that's probably not yours) and clicking away.

4. Our Premier Group Giveaways receive priority placement in Instafreebie's newsletter, seen first by up to 700K readers who truly read and purchase books.

5. And... Premier Group Giveaways also appear in eBook Discovery's eZine, reaching up to 150k MORE readers who also read and routinely purchase books.

6. Best of all.... eBook Discovery applies their years of book curation expertise, developed by promoting 1000s of titles, to make sure your book appears with similar books that are the best-of-the-best.

Why this is important: because when a reader opens an eBook Discovery/Instafreebie Premier Group Giveaway, we want all of the books to appeal to that reader, so s/he'll download each one, and will want to hear about (and purchase) your next book.

7. AND... if your book is part of a series, you get a no-charge Promotion Slot in our Daily eZine for your "Book 2" when priced/sale-priced at 99c. More on that in the form's last section. :-)

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