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Seja bem vindo ao primeiro passo de nosso processo seletivo. Estamos muito felizes com seu interesse e te desejamos uma ótima sorte!

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Estamos em busca de um profissional para atuar na área de SEO e Mídia.

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Novos negócios

We need someone who can at least read and write in English, that is why we are now talking in English. If you feel comfortable with this, please go ahead :)

Our process
Please take your time and answer the following questions with the same attention and care that you usually have with your work.

We want to know you and you work a little bit better, so this process will require you to elaborate on strategies, tools, and processes. This might take a while (about half an hour), so schedule to do it when you have enough time and peace to complete the whole process.

We will accept submissions until Sunday the 18th of November.

Ps: You can edit your answers after submitting but only before the deadline.

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