Book Review: Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation
I have a limited number of review copies of my audiobook. Nothing helps independent authors like myself to get noticed like honest reviews from the people who enjoy our work. There are a few ground rules.

• You agree to write a review and posted it to several digital stores (Amazon, Audible, iTunes etc. . .)
• You agree to post your SEPTEMBER 7, 2017. *
• You can copy and paste so you don't need to write a separate review for each venue.
• The review should be honest and reflect your experience with the book.
• In exchange for your review, I will offer you a FREE complimentary copy of the book for download.

*Why on this date you might ask? The short answer is that a number of reviews posted all at once will give the book a huge boost in the sales ranking!

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I will write a review of Darren's book, Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation and post it on September 7, 2017. I will post this review to the following venues: Amazon, Audible, iTunes, iBooks & Social Media.
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