2019 Mid-quarter evaluation stats class (MTS 525)
Please complete this course evaluation by Friday, April 19, 2019
Provide an overall rating of the instruction
Provide an overall rating of the course
Estimate the average number of hours you spent per week on this course outside of class and lab time
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How strongly do you agree or disagree: "Overall, I am happy with how this course is going."
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For each aspect of the class, please indicate your level of satisfaction
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Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat disatisfied
Very disatisfied
Overall structure
Textbook readings
Additional readings
R lectures/screencasts
Programming challenges
Statistical questions
Empirical questions
Class discussions
Small group work
Worked solutions
Faculty overall performance
Teaching assistant overall performance
"Something I like about this course is..."
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"Something I would like to change about this course is..."
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Any additional comments or feedback you'd like to share?
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