DSBN Adult & Community Education Statement of Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in the Adult & Community Education programs which include Self Study, eLearning, Night School, and EdVance.

If you are interested in participating in our program(s) this school year, please fill out the form below & check off which programs you would like more information on and how to register. As details are finalized in response to COVID restrictions and precautions, we will send you an updated email.

Please note: Additional fees may apply upon registration.

*Disclaimer: Due to COVID restrictions and precautions as decided by the District School Board of Niagara, program delivery may be subject to change to reflect these decisions.

Personal information contained in this form is required by the Principals and Support Staff for the administration of District School Board of Niagara Schools as established by the Education Act R.S.O. 1980 and will be used for registration/receipt purposes, and the establishment and maintenance of the Student Information Management System of the DSBN. Questions should be directed to the Administrator, Adult & Community Education, 535 Lake Street, St.Catharines, Ontario L2N 4H7
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Secondary School Transcripts - emailed to LifetimeLearning@dsbn.org, or faxed to 905-646-7042
If you are looking to complete your Ontario Secondary School Diploma, please secure a copy of your most recent Secondary School Transcript.

If you have been to a DSBN school in the past 5 years, please contact your last school, and have it emailed to LifetimeLearning@dsbn.org, or faxed to 905-646-7042.

The Records and Archives Services page at the DSBN has been created to assist requesters on the process to follow in accessing a variety of documents, including the transcripts. These requests can be made by current students, students who have been out of school for LESS THAN FIVE YEARS, and for INACTIVE students that have been out of school for FIVE YEARS OR MORE. You can find more information at www.dsbn.org/records.

If you attended a school board outside of the DSBN, you will need to contact that Board directly and request a copy of your most recent transcript. This will need to be sent to Adult & Community Education.

We will accept either Official Copied, Certified True Copies, or Working Copies of your transcript.
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