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We are migrating the Crosswinds District email lists (District list and Committee list) from YAHOO! to another, more reliable, mailing service. The goal is to cut over on Monday, June 1st, 2015. In order to keep your subscription to our mailings, we need you to complete this very short survey. After June 1st, if you have not responded, you will no longer receive communications from the Crosswinds District. You can sign up any time after June 1st, however, to ensure you do not miss any communications, please take time to complete this as soon as possible.

We promise to moderate the lists on which your email is subscribed, provide you a method for removing yourself in the future, and never provide these lists to any other groups, which are not part of the Crosswinds District, BSA.

We ask all unit leaders to forward this to your members, and encourage them to subscribe to this new list.

First Name *
Enter the first / nick / or common name we know you by. We will only subscribe addresses for valid names.
Last Name *
Enter your last name. We will only subscribe addresses for valid names.
Primary Unit *
Example: Pack 200, or Troop 210: Enter the unit name or district name of your PRIMARY Scouting registration, enter ONLY one unit or district name. Your primary unit/district is the one you pay annually to remain registered. If you are ONLY a Merit Badge Counselor, with no other registration, enter your district name (e.g. "Crosswinds", or "T200")
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