International Academy 2019/2020 FIRST Team Application
Applications MUST be filled out by Sep 4th.

Students accepted onto the team will receive an email on Sep 5th. Those Students will have a MANDATORY meeting Sep 9th, details will be in the email.
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If you are a returning member, list the years you previously participated.
Do you have an after school job? *
If yes, where are you employed and how many hours per week do you work?
Are you able to attend 12 hours per week over 3 days? *
Would you be able to attend evening events? *
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List your current extra curricular (after school) activities (clubs, class offices, sports, ect.)
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Please typed a 400-500 word response as to why you want to be on the FIRST Team. Please talk about your interests, skills or special talents that you could bring to the team. Also, discuss your time commitment to the project. Returning students should reflect on their previous season(s) and discuss how they hope to improve their robotics experience and team 469. *
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