BIAFF festival announces a special section - "COVIDEO" - for beginner or professional film-directors and for those interested in filming. The isolation from the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives and significantly changed our plans, but all of this has a bright side - this period can be quite interesting for artistic inspiration.

The theme of the film - the world seen in isolation, which can be conveyed in different ways - the cinematic reality in the forms and ways of adaptation, the search for "epistolary cinema" methods (visual rebuses), strange reports shot in different environments etc.
Film shooting period - preferably March 2020 – June, 2020
Timing - from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
Format - HD quality
For this section, the festival management will select 20 short films, which will be presented in the special competition section of BIAFF 2020 - "COVIDEO".
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