Eating preferences (conference dinner and canteen lunch)

This is a COMBINED survey to get dining preferences for the conference dinner AND for lunch at dietary needs for the university canteen. If you're NOT going to the conference dinner but you DO have specific dietary needs that you'd like the canteen to cater for, please fill out the relevant bit below.

For the conference dinner, we have kept the dinner fee low for inclusivity, by agreeing with the restaurant a fixed menu: bread & olives starter, then a choice of ONE of the following two mains:

Meat dish, Pollo Milanese: Chicken breast with parmesan & rosemary breadcrumb and mozzarella & spaghetti pomodoro

Vegan dish, Rigatoni pomodoro: pasta, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, basil a glass of wine/juice.

Dietary needs can be accommodated; and diners can pay for extras like desserts individually.

Please indicate below which of the two main course you would like, and whether you have any dietary needs.

We don't need your name and you won't be allocated a precise seat because there are only two choices. This is just to ensure the restaurant has enough of everything on the night.

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