Fall 2021 Semester Feedback Survey
Hi! Thank you for being a committed member of MWPL. We hope that you were able to feel a sense of passion, support, and community. We have made many changes to MWPL this semester, and the officers would like to know where we can improve for next semester!

In filling this form out, you will get an extra point towards the scholarship raffle. The point will be applied to any area you choose! Please keep checking on the spreadsheet to make sure all your points are updated. If you see an issue, please contact Romelia Acosta directly.

Your responses will only be seen by officers. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Deadline to fill out this form: 12/02/21


Here is a recap of what our goals were this semester and what efforts we made to achieve them

- Greater Social Media Presence: This semester MWPL strived to make our events and org info more available to everyone by posting consistently on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and our website. We also began engaging with social media through Instagram takeovers, polls, questions for our speakers, and Member of the Week!

- More Organization: MWPL prioritized this by moving to Slack, where we can utilize channels to better organize communication. We also began incorporating linktree to prevent the cluttering of too many links. Additionally, we posted all of our events for the semester on our website and google calendar for people to plan in advance!

- More Events: MWPL has worked on this by drastically increasing the number of events we offer! This semester we will have put on 7 tours, 6 LSAT Prep events, 6 volunteering opportunities, 6 engagements, 5 fundraising opportunities, 3 socials, our Mentorship Program Reveal Social, and our Mentorship Program Cookies and Crafts Social. We also began participating in LSAT Mock Tests to give everyone a more personal experience with taking the exam!

- More Scholarships: MWPL has worked to improve how many scholarships we offer each semester by providing 2 FULL LSAT Prep Scholarships, 1 Partial Scholarship, and vouchers EACH semester! By partnering with more companies and completing more workshops and events, we have been able to secure more scholarships to hopefully help the next generation of powerful attorneys!
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