OurChurch.Com Survey - January 2018
Happy New Year! This month we are focused on setting website goals and taking action steps to better live out our mission online. We launched the Top Websites Challenge http://ow.ly/JjJA30hH2BA January 3rd will be announcing other initiatives throughout the month to help and encourage you with your website. Thanks for your feedback!

Paul Steinbrueck

Overall, how satisfied are you with the way your website helped your organization achieve its goals in 2017?
Please explain your answer above.
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Have you set goals for your website and online activities for 2018?
If yes, what are your top online goals for 2018?
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In November we launched version 2.0 of our WP-EZ Website Builder - http://ow.ly/R8HT30hH48B - with its modern themes, page templates and drag-and-drop page builder. Are you planning to upgrade?
January 3rd we announced the launch of the monthly Top Websites Challenge - http://ow.ly/JjJA30hH2BA in which OurChurch.Com users can get up to $50 in gift cards each month for living out their mission online. Did you see the announcement?
Do you have any comments or questions about the Top Websites Challenge?
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How interested are you in adding online giving to your website?
Do you have any other comments or questions for us? (Note we will review survey responses around Feb 1, so if have an urgent question please contact us directly about that)
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This survey is anonymous, so if you’d like a response to your comments or questions, please include your email address.
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