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NeoNova is proud to introduce the new! We’ve worked hard not only to provide a clearer picture of what we can do for you, but also to provide a wealth of valuable resources to help you grow and manage your business. We’d love to hear what you think about it!


To help familiarize you with our new website, we've decided to have a little fun and offer a prize-winning online scavenger hunt. The questions start pretty easy but increase in difficulty as you continue through the quiz.

If you get at least 8 of 10 questions right, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a Phillips Hue Starter Kit! 5 runners up will win a NeoNova Power Bank. You have until March 31 to complete your entry. The winners will be drawn at noon on Monday, April 3.

Have fun and good luck!
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1. How is the NeoNova Office Environment described on the new *
2. On the “What Makes NeoNova Different” video, who speaks about many NeoNova engineers having 20+ years experience serving rural broadband providers? *
3. What is the name of the blogs authored by NeoNova CEO Jason McGinnis? *
4. Which of these Subscriber Services solutions does NeoNova NOT currently offer? *
5. Community is the core of NeoNova’s culture and activities. What is the name of the Philanthropic arm of NeoNova? *
6. True or False? With NeoNova’s efficient, data-driven Help Desk Services, you can supplement or fully replace your help desk services with a fanatically customer-focused, 24x7x365 team of highly-trained technical support agents. *
7. What is the name of NeoNova's cybersecurity offering? *
8. Next month, NeoNova is hosting a pre-conference workshop at IP Vision 2017 on Broadband Video, Managed WiFi, and Cybersecurity. What is the name of the session? *
9. What NeoNova solution is designed to provide everything you need to run your broadband operations? *
10. Select TWO answers to complete the following sentence: NeoNova’s real-time, transparent Help Desk reporting includes: Live call info, average hold times, ________ and ________. (Don’t forget, pick two!) *
BONUS: What did you think of the website?
Is it clear what we can offer rural broadband providers? Does it look nice and work well? Do you get a good sense of NeoNova's culture and people? Rate the site and give us some feedback and we'll give you an extra entry in the drawing!
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