NEW FEELING - Organizing Member Application
Thank you for your interest in joining New Feeling! We're thrilled you want to join the team.

As a young organization, New Feeling is spending a lot of time working out what it means to be a cooperative. For this reason, we are keen to onboard new 'organizing members'. Organizing members are those that can take on a role in one of our various working groups and contribute to the development New Feeling as a cooperative. Organizing members can expect to contribute 1-2 hours per week to the cooperative (e.g. meetings, organizational activities, planning, etc.). For more information on working groups:

Can't commit to a working group? That's okay! If you're still interested in contributing editorially to New Feeling, leave your email with us here:
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New Feeling is looking for new members that can assist in the following working groups. Please indicate which working groups you are interested in contributing to. Note that at this time we will only be considering new members that can commit to joining a working group. *
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