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College of Engineering & Technology, Akola
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Knowledge related to the subject (Theory/Practical)
Delivery of Lecture or Demonstration for Practical
Discipiline,Decorum and control over class and practical batch
Interation with Students in Classroom/Laboratory/Staff room
Audibility of voice in classroom/Laboratory
Explanation and Emphasis on important points in Class/Laboratory
Clarity of Black Board in Class/Laboratory
Regularity and Punctuality in Class/Laboratory. Presence in Staff Room
Clarifying Students doubts in Class/Laboratory/ Staff room
Practical Examples/Projects/Ability to make Lecture Interesting
Covebage of Theory Syllabus/Practicals
Review of past University Questionn Papers/Vice-Vove for Practical
Evaluation of Class Tests/ Home Ascignments/ Lab Records
Attitude towards Students in Classroom/Laboratory/Staff room
Opportunity for asking Questions in Class/Laboratory./Staff room
Information Beyond Syllabus for More learning (Theory/Practical)
Prior Preparation for Theory/Laboratory Class
Notes for learning material provided (Theory/Practical) Extra Class
Motivation for GATE/IES/IAS/GRE/GMAT/Cat/TOFEL/Conferences/Seminars/Tranings/Placement/Projects/Study
Threatening in or outside Classroom/Laboratory/Staff room/ Forces for Personal & Paid Tuition at his residence or outside college premises.
Overall Apprasial of Teacher's Performance for the above Subject
Suggestions for Improvement
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