2020 VOGA Animal Welfare Grant Application
We are pleased to announce that VOGA has once again received an Animal Welfare Equipment Grant from a generous donor! We also have an additional $500 donation this year from First Colorado National Bank. In 2018 And 2019 we were able to provide equipment with this grant to 6 VOGA members.

The Animal Welfare Grant is available to VOGA members who wish to improve their animals' living and grazing space through pasture management and sustainability. A Rotational Grazing System keeps the animals happy and healthy, helps the pasture to regenerate quickly and abundantly, increases pasture fertility, and builds healthy soil!

The intention of the Grant is for VOGA members to receive funding for equipment to transition to a rotational grazing system and improve their livestock area or housing to correspond with the new grazing system - examples include movable fencing, electric netting, electric fence chargers, insulators, ground stakes, or animal housing suitable for rotational grazing. Our Grant Application Committee will choose the grant recipients anonymously based on the information given and will give precedence to new farmers or farmers who are transitioning from no grazing or open grazing to a rotational grazing system.

Grant recipients can receive up to $500 towards new equipment to improve their livestock infrastructure - chickens, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, etc. Submit your application by March 15.

For an Example of a Successful Application - 2019’s recipient Benjamin Capron has given us permission to share his application from last year:

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