Radio Silence Big Bang! Ship fic and art event - Artist sign up form

You're probably here because you're a reader of the comic Radio Silence! If you are an artist, you're in the right place! If you're looking to sign up as a writer, that form is here:

What is a big bang?
Generally speaking, it's a challenge where an author writes a story, and an artist is paired with them to make art that matches that story in some way!

What is the theme of this big bang?
As the stories will be posted just shy of Valentine's Day, the theme is LOVE and SHIPS! The story and art should revolve around one (or more, if you're ambitious!) pairings from Radio Silence.

What type of art is expected? Colour? Black and white? Sketch or painted?
That's completely up to your judgement! I highly encourage you to research Big Bang events for other fandoms and gauge with your own best judgement on what qualifies as a substantial art contribution. Your paired writer might be putting in a lot of effort and a last minute sketch from you may or may not underwhelm them. It's just as likely that they'll love that drew a scene they wrote!

What pairings are acceptable for this event?
All canon ones, and all consensual pairings. Again, use your best judgement. It may be difficult to find an artist to draw for a fic if they choose an unsavoury topic (ex. Conibear/Wren) than it would be for a common ship (ex. Matt/Colbie). There is room below to detail out what you are and aren't willing to draw.

What if I can't complete my art in time?
Please contact me if this is the case! I will contact another participant to ask if they'll sub in, or I'll do so myself.

Can I collaborate on my art piece?
Absolutely! Make sure your collab partner is willing to commit and please contact me with their name.

Can artists also sign up to draw multiple stories?
Yes! Please only do this if you are sure you can deliver what you're signing up for.

Can artists also sign up to write stories?
Yes! As above, please only do this if you are sure you can deliver what you're signing up for.

Important Dates:
Writer signups end: February 11
Stories are due: February 25
Artist pair ups start: February 14
Art is due: March 11
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Select any of the below pairings that you ship. If you don't ship any, leave it blank! If you don't see your ship here, add it in "other". *
Please list any of the above ships you DO not ship, so as to better pair you with your writer's preferences. If you have no disliked pairings, write N/A.
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What rating are you comfortable drawing for? Be honest - it's perfectly okay to want to only be matched with a general, fluffy fic, or if you prefer to contribute saucy art, that's cool too! *
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