MSDMV's ConnectMV Hotspot Application
MSD of Mt. Vernon recently received the Federal GEER Grant intended to help our enrolled students who have limited or no internet connectivity at home. This application process will help us identify those students who need internet access the most, and once identified, to provide cellular WiFi hotspots at no cost to those students who qualify. Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis to determine which students will qualify to have a free WiFi hotspot for use at home during the remainder of the school year.

**Note: These WiFi hotspots will only work with devices issued by the MSD of Mt.Vernon and are subject to cellular availability and data limitations.

Please complete the application below by answering all questions provided. You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding your application status. Even if your application is not successful, you can still get free internet access at many locations around the community, including specific parking lots at each MSD of Mt. Vernon school building.
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Email *
Student Name, school they attend, and grade *if you have multiple students list them all. *
Is your student currently enrolled in Mt. Vernon's Virtual Academy? *
Home Street Address *
City *
Parent/Guardian Phone number *
My current access to the Internet at home is: *
Which of the following providers has the BEST cellular service at your home? *
Which of the following providers has the SECOND BEST cellular service at your home? *
I give the MSD of Mt. Vernon and the Posey County Department of Child Services permission to release any and all documents regarding my children's free and reduced meal programs, food stamp programs, and/or SSI certification if needed to process this application. *
I understand that MSDMV hotspots will only work with MSDMV devices. *
I understand that all Internet traffic is filtered and logged through the school's servers and is subject to review. *
I understand that the student hotspots and devices are to be used for educational purposes only and their use is subject to the MSDMV's Responsible Use Policy. *
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