Brooklyn Tweed Customer Survey
We are always on the quest for improvement in everything we do at Brooklyn Tweed. Receiving honest feedback from our customers and fans is one of the best ways for us to achieve this goal.

The following survey takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete and will ask you a number of questions focusing on the various aspects of our business. We welcome your comments and suggestions and thank you for your time!
Your name (first and last) *
Your email address *
How would you rate your experience knitting with Brooklyn Tweed's yarns? (5 is the highest rating, 1 is the lowest; N/A means no experience with the yarn) *
Arbor (worsted-spun DK)
Dapple (woolen-spun DK)
Loft (woolen-spun fingering)
Peerie (worsted-spun fingering)
Plains (worsted-spun laceweight)
Quarry (woolen-spun chunky)
Ranch 01 (worsted-spun worsted)
Ranch 02 (woolen-spun worsted)
Ranch 03 (worsted-spun sport)
Shelter (woolen-spun worsted)
Vale (worsted-spun laceweight)
If you have worked with any of Brooklyn Tweed's yarns, what did you like about the experience? What can we do to improve your experience with our yarns?
Are there any new colors and/or yarn weights you would like to see added to our product lines?
How important is it to you that Brooklyn Tweed is committed to producing breed-specific yarns that are sourced, dyed, and spun in the United States, Brooklyn Tweed's country of origin? (5 is very important, 1 is least important)
Clear selection
Have you ever encountered Brooklyn Tweed products in a yarn store? *
If yes, which store? How was your experience there?
As supply allows, Brooklyn Tweed is committed to reaching more corners of the world by adding additional retail stockists to its ranks. If you have a local yarn store you think would be a good fit for Brooklyn Tweed, we would love to hear about it! Why do you think it would be good fit for Brooklyn Tweed? How you would you describe the atmosphere there? Please be sure to include the name of the store and where it is located (city, state, country).
If you have knit from one of Brooklyn Tweed's patterns, how would you rate the overall quality of our patterns? (5 is the highest rating, 1 is the lowest) *
What features or improvements would you like to see made to our patterns?
Do you prefer to purchase digital or print patterns for your personal knitting? *
How would you rate your experience with Brooklyn Tweed's customer service? (5 is the highest rating, 1 is the lowest) *
Regarding Brooklyn Tweed's customer service, is there anything we could have done better?
Which of the following best describes your shopping experience on Brooklyn Tweed's website? *
How would you rate your experience on the Brooklyn Tweed website? (5 is the highest rating, 1 is the lowest) *
Are there features you would like to see added to the Brooklyn Tweed website to improve your experience?
How do you prefer to keep informed of Brooklyn Tweed news and updates? (Select all that apply.)
Do you have any general comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions about Brooklyn Tweed that you would like to share?
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