HackerspaceSG needs your help to keep going!

As a not-for-profit hackerspace, we need money to pay rent, utilities, and various maintenance costs. This adds up to approximately $3,500 a month ($42,000/year), and will go up later this in November 2024 when our lease is up.

It would be great if more people could share the burden of helping keep the space alive, so we're looking to introduce a new membership tier: HackerspaceSG 365.

For $365/year (discounted from $32/month or $384/year), you can help support HackerspaceSG for $1/day, and enjoy these benefits:

- Evening access (6pm to 11:59pm) to the space
- Use our hardware room (on-boarding required)
- Access to community events

Why is it a yearly membership? As a physical space, we need to be able to forecast our finances for the upcoming year, and it's administratively much easier to collect money once a year. 

(Our 24/7-access monthly plans starting at $128/month will still be available.)

We need 115 people to fully break even, but we can launch this membership plan if at least 100 people sign up and commit to paying for it.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to get your support!

(Your email will only be used to inform you of updates related to this plan, and will not be shared with any third parties.)

(Please help share this Google Form with others at hackerspace.sg/365)

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