Burning Seed 2018 Theme Camp Application
Theme Camps are the heart and soul of Burning Seed. This is your application to be a Registered Theme Camp in 2018. You can start and edit your application any time until the due date on 01/07/2018.

Your application will be assessed based on previous years performance, variety of activities provided, aesthetics of your camp, inclusivity, the Ten Principles, operation times, and safety.

Theme Camp Name *
Briefly describe how your theme camp will contribute to the atmosphere of the Paddock?
Keep it short and concise. Example: Geodesic dome that can house 200 people, playing music for 3 nights, serving breakfast 2 mornings.
Description of your Theme Camp for the What Where When Guide 2018 *
This will be published in the What/Where/When guide for everyone to see the this description. 500 character limit maximum.
Any additional information you would like to share with the Theme Camp Team? *
Think of this as like trying to get funding on the show Shark Tank. A sales pitch to the Theme Camp Team.
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