Studio Collabs with MiMo & Friends
Do you make Visual Novels or Otome/Amare games and want more exposure? Get your game featured through my Studio Collabs partnership program!
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What's this all about?
I'm a VTuber and Twitch Affiliate who's worked closely with the VN community throughout my streaming career.

I run a community of more than 250 voice-acting VTubers and we specialize in performing fully-voiced playthroughs of indie VNs like yours!

If you're interested in having me and my community showcase your game, apply today!

My socials: Twitter | Twitch | TikTok | YouTube | Discord
Program Details
What We Offer
We offer indie VN studios ALL of the following:
  • A fully-cast ensemble of VTubers to stream your game in a LIVE voice-acted performance
  • Guaranteed placement in our stream schedule at our earliest availability
  • One full-length Saturday night stream (2-4 hours) featuring your title of choice!
  • Promotional Tweet highlighting your VN, trailer, socials, and Itch/Steam pages
  • YouTube Let's Play video (based off stream)

What I Ask
As an indie creator myself, I request your support co-promoting the stream event:
  • Twitter announcement of the collab from your account
  • Support sharing the stream to your community (Discord, etc.)
  • Collaboration with our Casting Director on VTuber auditions
  • Participation in the chat during the live stream
  • Steam keys for ALL participating cast members (if game is paid)
See this announcement from Re:Memorize for an example of a Studio Collab in action!

Stream Formats
We have four different stream formats that we run on a monthly rotation. Here are the guidelines for each.

Spotlight Ensemble: A high-profile ensemble performance with 3-5 open roles. Auditions are public and open to everyone in the community. [Unvoiced VNs only]

Chamber Series: An intimate performance between MiMo and 1 to 2 special guests, featuring a title focused on a smaller number of characters. Casting by invitation only. [Unvoiced VNs preferred]

Partner Productions: An ensemble performance with a pre-established VTuber group or community. Auditions restricted to members. [Voiced/Unvoiced VNs]

Casting Workshops: Optional 4th performance reserved for VTubers getting their first voice acting role. Easy and informal application process. [Voiced/Unvoiced VNs]

NOTE: If your title has original voice lines, they will not be played during the stream.

Content Restrictions
  • Protagonists and LIs must be over 18 years old
  • No deduction-based mysteries or puzzle mechanics
  • No use of homophobic, transphobic, or racist dialog
  • No references to rape or sexual assault
  • No sexually explicit NSFW content of any kind

Upcoming Releases
If you have an upcoming release, you can reserve a spot now by filling out the form and selecting "Pre-Release" under State of Completion. Streams can be scheduled up to 6 months in advance.

Ready to Join?
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