Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief               Help Request Form

If you would like food or other supplies dropped off at your front door or at your Chapter House, please use this form. Supplies are limited and demand is high, we appreciate your patience as we work to fulfill your request in a timely manner. Please visit our website for other resources in your community:

We are an all volunteer grassroots indigenous led group operating on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations.  We are prioritising the elderly (especially those raising their grandchildren), single parents, and struggling families by helping them buy groceries, water, and health supplies, and by protecting them (and their vulnerable communities) from exposure by engaging volunteers to make the purchases and deliver them to a safe transfer location for the families. Thank you for your grace and patience.

**Information will be kept confidential**

Questions, updates or want to get involved?

     Western Agency:
     Eastern Agency:
     Chinle Agency: 
     Fort Defiance Agency:
     Northern Agency: 
PHONE NUMBER:  833-956-1554



*PLEASE ADVISE- we are not providing dog food. Thank you.

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