2020 WIESoc Industry Mentoring Program: Mentor Application
Thank you for applying as a mentor for the Industry Mentoring Program. The program is built on passionate mentors who are willing to make a difference in the professional development of undergraduate engineering students.

As part of the Industry Mentoring Program this year, you will need to meet up with your mentee for at least 4 meetings for a total of 5 hours over the span of 3 months; being either face to face meetings, skype calls or phone calls. The program will commence early July 2020 and will be completed over a period of 3 months.

Due to the overwhelming expression of interest from mentors, we will unfortunately not be able to take on all mentors this year. Mentors will be selected based on mentees who have been carefully chosen from a large application pool based on their industry interests and motivation for taking part in this program.

Please note that the last day to apply is Friday 10th April 2020.
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These phone numbers will only be used for the Industry Mentoring Program 2020. They will not be used for any other purposes. Accepted mentors may be called Mid-April(13th-24rd) to discuss the program.
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