Bari DataBio IoT for Agriculture INSPIRE Hackathon 2019
A Hackathon and Ideathon for Bari

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The DataBio hackaton will take place at the University of Bari, Italy. The exact venue will be communicated in the coming days.
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1- Applications for telemetry - focus on integration of different telemetry unit with Farm Management Information Systems for effective management of farm machinery

2- Applications based on the ISOBUS protocol - how could be used ISOXML for communication between machinery and implements and also how ISOXML can be used for communication with precision farming systems

3 - (Remote) sensing technologies - using remote sensing technologies for preparing recommendation for application of fertilisers for different types of crops

4- IoT applied to machinery - using IoT technologies for online crop and monitoring and also for measurement of meteorological data from machinery

5 - OPEN CHALLENGE - Any innovation related to IoT and/or agricultural machinery
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