Use of Formal Methods
Dear participant, thank you for your interest in this 5-10min survey on the use of formal methods (FMs).

By "FMs", we refer to explicit mathematical models and sound formal logical reasoning about critical properties---such as reliability, safety, availability or, more generally, dependability and security---of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic or software systems in critical application domains. FMs include, for example, formal specification, theorem proving, model checking, formal contracts, SMT solving, process algebra.

By "use of FMs", we refer to the application of FMs to engineering systems in the context of education, research, and industrial practice and by using formal languages together with manual or automated tool-based techniques.

This survey is anonymous. However, you can provide your email address if you are interested in receiving our results afterwards.

The underlying study is conducted by Mario Gleirscher and Diego Marmsoler from Technical University of Munich.

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