Use of Formal Methods in Dependable Software and Systems Engineering
Dear participant, thank you for your interest in this 10-15min survey on the use of formal methods (FMs).

This survey does NOT require previous knowledge in FMs or in their actual application in a practical context. However, this survey targets persons with an educational background in engineering and sciences OR with a practical engineering background in a reasonably critical systems or product domain.

By "FMs", we refer to explicit mathematical models and sound formal logical reasoning about critical properties---such as reliability, safety, availability, data privacy or, more generally, dependability and security---of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic or software systems in critical application domains. FMs include, for example, formal specification, theorem proving, model checking, formal contracts, SMT solving, algebraic process calculi.

By "use of FMs", we refer to the application of FMs to engineered systems in the context of education, research, and, particularly, the field of industrial practice and by using formal languages together with manual or automated tool-based techniques.

Please, be as accurate and honest as possible with your answers. This survey is anonymous. Hence, we will not collect, publish, or share any personal data at any time. However, you can provide your email address if you are interested in getting notified about our final results. If you like to keep data separate, you can directly send us an email with a corresponding request for notification.

The underlying study is driven by Mario Gleirscher from the University of York (UK) and Diego Marmsoler from the University of Exeter (UK).
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