Globalization 2 VBQ
Watch the video below, listen actively, and answer the questions that follow. Probably the best way to do this is to read first question, start watching, pause once you encounter the information you need to respond to the question, then read next question before pressing play again.
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Globalization II
In the United States and Europe today, most people work in which type of industry? *
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When John criticizes socialized medicine and Social Security, is he being serious or sarcastic? Explain.
What do good historians do? *
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In what ways has the modern age scene changes in sexuality and marriage? *
What does it mean when we say that our current growth in terms of production and consumption is “unsustainable“? Give at least one example to support your exclamation. *
John makes a really interesting point about how different our lives are today in the United States from people who lived a thousand years ago. Take a moment and think of some examples of things that you have or that you do on a regular basis that a thousand years ago would only be accessible to someone like a king, but that are accessible and available to you now due to modern technological advances. If you are finding this difficult, think about the things you do every day, especially those that rely on globalization and modern technology, and imagine what the equivalent would be a thousand years ago, and who that would be available to. *
Does the idea that many of us essentially live like royalty would have lived in the past make you hopefully impressed or cautiously concerned? *
Why might economic global independence lead to less war in the world? *
Now that you have watched a second video on Globalization, has it changed your view on Globalization as positive or negative? *
What do you hope/think your personal impact on history will be? *
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