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During the course of our camps, students design a website that helps to solve a community problem that they care about. Research and interviews are a part of the process we go through with our students as they design these websites and consider these community problems. Interviews are short, 15-minute conversations with a group of students, typically conducted over the phone. They typically take place on the Tuesday of a camp week, but could occur outside of these times.

By signing up for the database, you are indicating a willingness to be interviewed by a group of students. If we have a group with a project for which we think you would be a good fit, we will contact you ahead of time to coordinate a time to be interviewed.
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You can do this by sharing a brief bio, a bullet-pointed list, or any other format that works best for you. As a reminder, the students projects typically fall into one of the following four categories: Social Justice, Environment, Health, and Education
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