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NOTE: This booking is not confirmed until:
• Application form has been completed and approved by an authorised member of the Australian Blouza Assoc.
• Payment is completed.

A $500 deposit must be paid within 7 days of application, otherwise this application will be cancelled.

HALL HIRE TERMS & CONDITIONS - Please take the time to read the conditions:
1. Once the Hall Hire contract has been drawn a non-refundable cancellation fee of $500 is applicable.
2. Contracts cancelled within 3 weeks of the Hall Hire date will incur a $500 cancellation fee.
3. Hall Hire bookings changed to another date after a contract has been drawn will incur a $250 fee.
4. Time of entry to the Blouza Hall begins no earlier than 8.30am. All functions MUST terminate at 11.30pm. Premises must be evacuated by midnight. Any delay in complying with these conditions will result in a loss of full bond.
5. Full payment is to be made no later then two weeks prior to Hall Hire date.
6. Decorations: balloons and banners are permitted however use of adhesive tape/glue to apply them are forbidden. Similarly, all types of party poppers, streamers and spray decorations are totally forbidden. Use of the latter will result in the hirer losing their bond. Please use blue-tac or a similar substance (not supplied).
7. The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all guests any damage to the hall, adjacent property and equipment occurring during the period of hiring or whilst persons are entering and leaving the building, however and by whomever it was caused.
8. The hirer and their party must not tamper with any fixtures or fittings and are responsible for leaving the hall and/or kitchen and bar clean, tidy and in the same presentable state as found. The Association reserves the right to charge for any loss, damage or special cleaning required.
9. The Association accepts no responsibility for any property or belongings of the users of the hall.
10. Fire escape doors are to remain closed at all times, except and ONLY in an emergency.
11. In most cases WE REQUIRE THAT YOU NOTIFY POLICE of your function, and suggest hiring security where possible.
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