Night Market Volunteer 2019
Thank you for your interest in volunteeringat the Night Market this year. The Night Market Dates are June 20, July 18, August 15 & September 19 from 5 pm to 10 pm. Filling out this room will help us have all the important information in one spot. If you're having trouble with the form or have any questions please email: or call 269-492-0261.
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What task(s) are you interested in?
You can choose more than one tasks at a time. We will do our best to give you your favorite tasks but due to limited number of spot in each task, we cannot guarantee it. We apologize for this!
Setup the event.
Beer/Wine pouring
Id Check/ Band provider
Packing up everything
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What's your preferred time slots?
You can choose more than one timeframe at a time.
4-6 pm
6-8 pm
Not Available
July 18
August 15
September 19
Are you available for volunteer Orientation from 5:30-6pm one day BEFORE each Night Market?
We strongly recommend to attend one of these orientation so you can learn about all the different volunteer roles.
What month would you be able to help with the fence?
Note: this isn't the actual tasks at the Night Market(NM). NM dates: July 18, August 15 & September 19)
530-630pm day BEFORE each NM
11-12 pm next day AFTER each NM
Not available
Do you have any friends that are interested in volunteering with you? Please type their name and email id.
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If you are volunteering with work/service group, please mention its name.
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