Tapestry of Our Community
Redwood City has always been a community of incredible diversity with people from all over the Country and the World making their homes here and creating a tapestry of our community.
We’d love to hear your family’s story of coming to and living in Redwood City. To help shape your story please answer the questions below. We’d love any old photos you might let us copy if you would like to share them too!
These responses will be shared on the Redwood City 150 website among other locations. If you would be willing, we’d love to interview a handful of you for a web series on Redwood City family’s stories that will be published to YouTube!
When did your family come to Redwood City?
How long has your family been here?
Where did they come from?
Why did they come to Redwood City?
How did they come to Redwood City?
What were the reasons that you choose to come to Redwood City?
Do you have an interesting anecdote or story about your family and Redwood City?
When your family came here, were there a lot of people of your cultural background here already?
Why have you and your family stayed here?
Do you have a favorite Redwood City memory?
What was the hardest thing about coming to Redwood City?
What would you like people in the future to know about your story?
Do you have any photos – would you like the have them digitized?
Would you like to share anything special that was important to your parent or family about being here?
Would you be willing to be interviewed for the Tapestry of Our Community web series? If yes, please include your contact information.
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