Rental House Pre-Showing Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions before someone call you for an appointment. Please only press "submit" once. Thank you for your interest. This questionnaire will not go over too personal information. Averagely, it will take around five minutes to complete.
What is your First name ?
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What is your Last name?
Your answer
What is the street number of the house you just viewed?
look up the street number on the AD
Your answer
How many pictures did you see in the photo album?
When do you expect to move?
if you have specific date, enter into "Other"
How many bed rooms do you need?
What is the maximum monthly rent you plan to pay?
enter "Other" if not in the list
How many adult?
Your answer
How many people in your family/group?
What is the name of your work?
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What do you do for living?
your job title
Where is your work?
Your answer
How long have you been working for them?
Where do you live now?
enter current address, city, state
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How long have you been living there?
How much you are paying now per month?
Your answer
What is the reason that you are moving ?
be specific. You can select more than one reason.
How much do you make per month after tax?
Please combine any income from all household members. Link Card (food stamps) , Child Support, Social Security Income, disability etc. can be also included. Your gross net income MUST be at least 3 times of monthly rent in order to qualify for application. If not, please quit this data entry and look other place. It will be wasting your time and our time.
Are you receiving Food stamps now?
What is your credit score ?
What is your contact phone number?
The associate will call you back to schedule a showing
Your answer
What is your cell phone number that we can text you?
We will text you the appointment
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What kind of pets do you have?
dogs or cats,etc. Pet will require additional security deposit and additional monthly rent.
How many pets do you have?
Do you have eviction record?
Honesty is the best policy. If you have eviction within 5 years, your application will be denied. Please do not waste your time and our time.
When and which county did that happen and why?
If yes, please provide the year and reason of eviction. Honest is the best policy.
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What is your e-mail address?
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What is your ideal kind of house?
be specific and practical...
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Any comment?
Please enter any question or concern below.
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