Lightning Rod Performer Application
Basic information form for those applying to perform in a piece for Patrick's Cabaret program "Lightning Rod". Patrick’s Cabaret is seeking directors of various backgrounds to participate in a new Twin Cities flash theater tradition called Lightning Rod. The production will assemble a diverse team of artists to collaborate with only a few days to create works that respond to the current week’s events. We’re mixing the pot; both as a generative practice and a community involvement exercise. Come play a theater game, with serious consequences.

Event Schedule:
Sunday April 9th - all call three to five hours***
Monday April 10th - writers concepting and writing
Tuesday April 11th - directors and actors rehearsing (TBD)*
Wednesday April 12th - directors and actors rehearsing (TBD) *
Thursday April 13th - directors and actors tech***
Friday April 14th - evening performance*
Saturday April 15th - evening performance *
***Performers are required to attend
*Performers will be required to attend at least one of these

Performers will be provided with 5 advanced tickets to sell at $10/ea, which they will keep themselves, for a total compensation of $50.

If you have any questions you can reach Kat Purcell at

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