Portrait of a Fremont Graduate Survey Nov. 2018
Between August and November 2018, nearly 100 stakeholder engagement sessions were conducted as the first step in creating our district-wide “Portrait of a Fremont Graduate”.

This survey is the next step in the campaign. The items included represent the most frequently-mentioned comments from the outreach sessions; therefore, all are important. There are three sections in the survey with 15 items each. To condense the collection even further, we would like you to rank which ones we should prioritize as a school district.

The survey is anonymous and does not collect any identifying information other than participant group. Survey results will be collected until December 19th. Thank you for your participation.

Which group do you identify with (select one only).
A Fremont Graduate should KNOW:
Low Priority
Medium Priority
High priority
a) All core academic subjects (e.g., math, science, social studies, English, PE)
b) Electives subjects (e.g., art, music, athletics, special interests)
c) Post-high school options & how to access them (e.g., college/job applications, processes, interview skills)
d) Independent living skills (e.g., cooking, fixing things, self-care, time management)
e) More than one language
f) Civics, local government, current events
g) Multiple ways to learn
h) The world around them: cultural, social, global, environmental awareness
i) Financial literacy (e.g., taxes, budgeting, investment, money management)
j) Basic technology skills (e.g., keyboarding, internet research, google apps)
k) Communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
l) Their rights & responsibilities
m) Themselves (strengths/weaknesses)
n) Mental/emotional health coping skills
o) Reading for content/understanding
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