Reach Out Ministry Funding Application
WFC supports compassionate service to those who are not part of our faith-community that engages and reflects our values. "Reach Out" can be local or global efforts that meet a wide range of needs. We encourage the use of co-leaders to promote diversity and shared responsibility. Applications are reviewed by the Reach Out Ministries Team. Funds are limited and every request may not receive funding. One-time gifts are given on an annual basis. Requests for an additional funds must be resubmitted one year after approval of the first application. Please fill out the application completely before submitting.
Ministry Project Title
Name of first co-leader
Email Address
Phone Number
Name of second co-leader
Email Address
Phone Number
Briefly describe the project or request you are proposing.
Who will benefit from your project? What need is it addressing?
List the names of people from WFC who have committed to be part of the project and, if applicable, the role(s) that they will serve.
Is there opportunity for others to be involved and if so, how?
How does the project further the mission of WFC? What do you hope will be the outcome?
Will you be partnering with any other organizations? How are their values and policies consistent with WFC's mission, including a commitment to equity and inclusion? If the organization is not welcoming and affirming, how does that impact you?
What is the timeline for your project? What is the budget? (Please note any expenses that include materials, equipment, transportation, use of building, etc.).
How would you like to share with the community regarding your experience? (Ex: write for the newsletter, send a report to the Outreach Committee, share on a Sunday evening, etc).
Amount requested:
Check should be made payable to:
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