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Do you watch anime? *
Do you like/watch broadway musicals? *
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Have you watched/played danganronpa? (any of the games/animes) *
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Give me a fun fact about you!
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Do you have/use google hangouts? If so what's your Gmail?- (it's the messaging app I use the most- it's easy for me to use-) *
Are you ok with typing quirks?( example: th1s 1s @ typ1ng qu1rk) *
Are you very active online?- meaning like are you online a lot *
Are you a furry? (please- idk that many furries and furries are cool-) *
Are you ok with having to explain common stuff to me- *
Are you ok with me ranting about how fractions are incredibly hard because once you explain them to me I immediately forget? *
Is it ok that I randomly over share for no reason- *
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