[TTS] Raid Kills Booking Form
We are Teleportation, the raiding division of [TTS]. Use this form to book your raid boss kills with us! All payment will be required after each kill. Please note the following process for booking and confirming raid sells with us.

1 - Complete the form below in it's entirety and submit
2 - We will initiate contact to firm up details and confirm what you're after
3 - 24-48 hours prior to your session, we will send a confirmation email to confirm your booking.
4 - Make sure you show up to your session on time and get that sweet sweet loot!

The Details
We don't pretend to be the best, partly why our prices are so competitive! What we can guarantee is some good entertainment and our best attempts to make you a happy customer.

All payments can be made either in Gold or ecto equivalent (ecto amount will be advised on the day)

We run 2 sessions per week and advanced booking is advised. Our current times are:

- Friday 11AM UTC [OCE Sell team]
- Friday / Saturday 11PM UTC [NA Sell team]

We are on NA Servers!

See http://tinyurl.com/ttsraidcalendar for exact timings
See http://twitch.tv/merforga1 for live streams and vods of our raids and raid sells

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Booking Details
Which session suits you best?
What boss kills are you after?
Individual boss prices are below. Note that the following discount applies for bulk bookings. - Two or more full wing clear - 25g discount per wing
Are you after any achievements?
All achievements will attract a surcharge on top of the boss kill. Please list which achievements you are after below and we'll let you know the pricing
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Any other requests?
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