School Visit Preferences
This survey will help us place the perfect author(s) with your school! We appreciate your time.
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Has NTBF previously visited your school? If yes, tell us the details of the visit - year, author, and what your school did to accommodate & celebrate the visit.
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List your top 3 author choices and what small group/classroom you would pair them with. (i.e. Writing Club, AP English class, Social Justice Club, etc.) *
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Would you want to host and prepare for two authors? *
Will you host a large group session in addition to the small group session? *
How many books would you like to order through our sponsoring bookstore? (Note: We require a minimum purchase of 6 books, which you will get at a 20% discount from the cover price. The number you provide here will not be ordered until we discuss further, with final book orders due Dec. 6.)
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