Broadband For Scott County
This survey has been created to identify Broadband providers and their coverage in Scott County, Kentucky. The information gathered in this document will be solely used for the purpose of identifying areas of under served or un-served residents. The data gathered in this process will be used to help find providers willing to provide better broadband to the residents of Scott County.
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What kind of Broadband do you have?
Who is your provider?
Does your Broadband meet your needs on a scale of 0-5
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What is your primary use of Broadband service? (check all that apply)
What would you like to be able to do online that you can't with your current home connection (or lack thereof)? (Check all that apply)
If an affordable, faster Internet option were offered to your household, would you be willing to commit to a year-long contract to take that service?
How much would you be willing to spend for faster Internet service?
Are there any children in K-12 living at this home address, including home schooled?
Do you own a business within the same county or city as your home address?
If you recently moved or are considering moving, is reliable/high speed Internet access a factor in choosing a home and determining the value?
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