Apryl Baker's Pre-Order Form 2017
USA signings, I will have limited copies available, so pre-orders are still the best way to guarantee you get a copy of the book(s) you want. I accept payments through PayPal or Square and will email you an invoice once I receive your order.
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Touch Me Not (A Manwhore Series Novel #1) NA Contemporary Romance
The Sinner's Touch (A Manwhore Series Novel #2) NA Contemporary Romance
The Blackburne Legacy (The Bloodlines Legacy Series) NA Paranormal Romance
The Blackwater Legacy (The Bloodlines Legacy Series #2) NA Paranormal Romance
The Ghost Files Series (YA/NA Horror)
The Ghost Files V4 part 1 (YA/NA Horror)
The Ghost Files Volume 4 part 2 (YA/NA Horror)
The Coven Series (YA Paranormal Romance)
The DeCadia Code (Steampunk)
The Crucible (DeCadia Series #2) - Steampunk
Hybrid (Sector 3 of the Othala Witch Collection)
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