Partnering with the folks at Hacker Monthly and producing Magazine?

We've been talking with the folks at Hacker Monthly about putting together a regular 'best of' magazine. We're looking at doing a trial issue to test the waters first thing next year with a selection of some of the best stuff in the past few months...

Hacker Monthly selects content it thinks is good enough, reaches out to the authors and offers a years subscription free. We'd be offering something similar to our bloggers and authors (initially however, it would be just the free first issue since we don't know if it'll go ahead).

In the long run, this will be an awesome way to spread the Inbound Marketing message further (let's get a copy on the desk of every Fortune 500 CMO, at least...), reward and recognise great writers and potentially fund more developments of

… but the big question remains, would you and/or your agency buy a subscription?

If you take a look at the pricing options on Hacker Monthly at the moment, it'll be roughly the same deal (but may vary). It's a low margin product, especially given it's on a print-on-demand model, so the win for us is in volume. For this to cover costs and really benefit Inbound, there needs to be quite a large take up (a few thousand regular subscribers at least).

These are the prices for Hacker Monthly - I'd imagine they'll be pretty similar for this.

$3/issue or $29/year for ePub
$9/issue or $88/year for print version (with ePub) + shipping
Bulk discounts are available when you order 20+ (good for teams of offices, and one order can be split across multiple addresses).

Would you pay that?

(We could maybe lower the costs if we accepted advertising, but that's opening a whole different can of worms. $9 for a print mag isn't all that bad, especially without ads!)

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