2020 LLVM Foundation Board of Directors Application
This is an application to serve as a board member on the LLVM Foundation Board of Directors. The LLVM Foundation is a nonprofit that supports the LLVM Project. We support the LLVM community by helping it to grow, foster community interactions, work to keep LLVM development productive through infrastructure, and work to ensure the long term health of the LLVM project.

The LLVM Foundation has established 3 main programs to help us in our community growth and education efforts: Educational Outreach (LLVM Developers' Meetings, documentation, workshops, instructional videos), Scholarships & Grants, and Diversity & Inclusion in Compilers and Tools. We host much of the infrastructure (website, mailing lists, etc) supporting the LLVM Project. Please read our public documents for more information, available here (http://foundation.llvm.org/documents/).

The Board of Directors consists of 9 members serving 2 year terms, which then elect the next set of board members. In terms of time commitment, the board typically meets every month for 2 hours and every board member should plan on attending each meeting. At times a board member will take lead on a particular issue, doing the background research needed, forming a proposal, bringing to the Board for productive discussion and vote. Board members are expected to monitor the board mail lists to address time critical issues or continue discussions between board meetings. Board members should plan on attending at least EuroLLVM or the US LLVM Developers' Meeting. In addition to the regular meeting, board members are expected to participate with and drive efforts aligned with the mission and three programs above. Officers of the Board (Secretary, Treasurer, President) have additional duties and time commitments.

We are looking for people who are passionate and enthusiastic about LLVM and its various sub-projects, and want to help it grow. Note, however, that the LLVM Foundation does not set the technical direction for the project. As such, we are particularly interested in people who will bring non-technical contributions to the board, particularly if they align with the mission and three programs mentioned above or improvements to the LLVM infrastructure.

New this year, we will accept letters of recommendation to support your application. Please have your references send letters of recommendation directly to boardapp@llvm.org. Letters will be kept confidential.

In order to improve transparency and capture the credentials of the newly elected board, the applications (not including letters of reccomendation) of the newly elected board members will be made public once board membership is finalized. The new board will begin their term on August 12, 2020.

If you are interested in being considered as a future board member, please complete the following application by July 30 (11:59PM PDT).
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Please summarize relevant contributions to the LLVM Project. These can include things such as patches, code ownership, bug reports, mailing list posts, blog posts, volunteering at LLVM events, organizing LLVM social events, contributing to the developer meeting paper committee, etc.
Why do you want to be on the LLVM Foundation board of directors?
What experience or skills can you bring to the board? Which of the above programs could you help drive forward?
We value diversity and representation of the various interested groups working on LLVM and using it. Do you consider yourself representative of a minority group, underrepresented geographic region, etc?
Which program are you most interested in supporting?
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What is your second choice program to support?
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How many hours a week can you dedicate to LLVM Foundation business?
Board members are expected to dedicate time to meetings and to the programs.
Are you interested in a specific position on the board?
Are you willing and able to help fundraise for the LLVM Foundation?
We rely on donations to fund our programs and need board members to help find new sponsors and donors.
Is there anything else you would like to add for the board to consider?
New this year, we will accept letters of recommendation to support your application. Please have your references send their letter of recommendation directly to us at boardapp@llvm.org. This is totally optional.
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