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Spring Session 2022

Hello Members,

Welcome back to E.N.C.O.R.E.
We are extremely delighted to announce the beginning of our hybrid courses. We are offering in- house combined with our continuing on- line courses starting this session.

The safety of all our members is important therefore all members attending in-house courses must wear a mask, maintain the recommended distance and all other instructions given by the public health.

We hope that our Members will continue to give their support to E.N.C.O.R.E. and look forward to once again reconnect in- person with friends.

Wishing you a warm sunny Spring,

Gwen Goring (President).



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NOTE: There will be no classes on Patriots' Day, Monday May 23rd.                                                               ABBREVIATIONS =   IP: In Person - Z: Zoom
ACRYLIC PAINTING * Wednesdays, May 11 to June 15, 1:00-4:00 *  Instructor: Claire Cayer (514) 932-2796, clairecayer@hotmail.com.  HYBRID - ROOM 500  
These Acrylic painting classes will comprise teaching techniques and tricks, e.g. painting "eyes" both for humans and for animals, as well as how to create waves in your seascapes or painting glass and its reflections for still life paintings.  You will also receive instruction in colour mixing for creating the perfect shade for your work.  The instructor will also critique the work you have done and give verbal suggestions on how to improve your paintings.  (The class will be divided into smaller groups for this instruction.) The instructor will be there until 4PM for those who want to stay later.
BEGINNER'S BRIDGE * Tuesdays, May 10 to June 14, 10:00-12:00 * Instructor: Francis Thérien (514) 697-2024, francis.therien@gmail.com. IN PERSON ONLY - ROOM 500
Learn to play bridge in a friendly setting.  Beginners will focus on the basics, enabling them to be comfortable with group play. Those with a little background in bridge can develop their skills and ultimately be exposed to “duplicate”.  It will be a fun and social game for all.  (You will also learn how to connect to on-line play for more practice sessions.).
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BRIDGE PRACTICE * Tuesdays:  May 10 to June 14, 1:00 – 3:00 * Moderators:  Gail Tedstone  (514) 482-6746 gigited@hotmail.com; / Suzanne Lafleur (514) 515-4774. IN PERSON ONLY / ROOM 110
Members can get together to play and practice bridge in an enjoyable setting.  Please contact the moderators if you have any questions about your level of play.  We use bidding boxes and the American Standard system.
CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE BRAIN * Thursdays, May 12 to June 16, 1:00 - 3:00 *  Instructor: F. X. Charet.  IN PERSON ONLY / ROOM 110
In recent years there has been a growing interest in the phenomenon of consciousness, causing a flurry of theories and speculation about its root causes and its possible extension. This course will provide an overview, drawing material from the neurosciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts.  
COOKING FOR ONE & HAVING FUN * Thursdays, May 12 to June 16, 3:00-5:00  * Instructor:  Bonnie Hill (514) 768-1063, bon5chef@hotmail.com.  ZOOM ONLY      
Because so many of us are trying to eat healthier with less red meat in our diets, this next session will concentrate on plant based and  vegetarian meals. I will show you how to cook delicious, nutritious meals EASILY in your own kitchen that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The following outline of weekly recipes is a general idea of what we will be cooking together. As always in my classes, my students’ input is important and will be considered when choosing the recipes to be prepared. All of our classes are shown via Zoom so that you can cook along with me, or watch and take notes for later reference. Happy Cooking!!  
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CREATIVE WRITING * Fridays, May 13 to June 17, 1:00-3:00  * Instructor: Zsolt Alapi  (514) 267-7348, zalapi@symatico.ca    ZOOM ONLY  -  N.B.: THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL
The focus of this course will be on techniques of writing fiction: the art of telling good stories. You will be asked to write short (500 word maximum) pieces on a weekly basis, after which members of the group will “workshop” each piece, guided by the instructor. You will be given “prompts” to facilitate this process, many of them concentrating on writing techniques like point-of-view, description, plot structure, dialogue, etc. The instructor will also give short weekly readings that demonstrate these elements of fiction, and we will briefly discuss these factors at the beginning of each class. You will be given extensive feedback on your writing, including suggestions for improvement. Limit of 12 students.
ESSENTRICS * Mondays,  May 16 to July 4 ( 7 weeks - No class on May 23 ), 10:15-11:15 *   Instructor:     Carole Albert   (514) 867-2016,   zumbaqueen999@gmail.com.  HYBRID / ROOM 110
Essentrics is a full-body stretching and strengthening program designed to decompress joints and rebalance and lengthen your muscles. The workout combines ballet strengthening, tai chi fluidity and physiotherapy techniques. Each element provides your body with specific benefits. The ballet movements promote lean, strong muscles, the tai chi movement rebalances your energy and the physiotherapy promotes healing and prevents future injury.  
ESSENTRICS * Thursdays,  May 12 to June 23 ( 7 weeks ), 9:00 - 10:00 * Instructor:  Carole Albert   (514) 867-2016,   zumbaqueen999@gmail.com.  HYBRID / ROOM 500
Description same as above.
EXPLORING THEATRE FROM PAGE TO STAGE * Wednesdays, May 11 to June 15, 10:00 – 12:00 * Instructor:  Sharon Malone (514) 448-1405,    smalone54@gmail.com.  HYBRID / ROOM 110
This class will explore many different elements of live theatre and invite participants to engage with each other and participate through discussion and “hands-on” activities. Speakers from local theatre companies will be invited and field trips may be organized depending on everyone’s schedules. Participants’ interests are key to the content of this class. Are you interested in Shakespeare, Set design, Acting, Directing, Costumes, Makeup, Children’s Theatre or Musicals?  We can explore any or all of these topics over many sessions.  Our first class will determine the direction that other sessions will take. Theatre is meant to be fun! Let’s PLAY!  
HISTORY OF CANADA II * Tuesdays,  May 10 to June 14, 10:00-12:00 *  Lecturer:  Bruno Paul Stenson, M.A. (514) 332-5075,  stenson@colba.net. HYBRID / ROOM 110
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LIBERALISM, DEMOCRACY AND THE FUTURE OF WORLD ORDER * Mondays,  May 9 to June 20 (no class on May 23), 1:00 - 3:00 *  Instructor: F. X. Charet.  ZOOM ONLY
Given the background of the recent upheaval in and among various nation states, the issue of what constitutes the minimum sort of governing state to secure human security, freedom and its aspirations is an imperative consideration. This series will examine the background and evolution of both liberalism and democracy and its current challenges, both internal and external, and what expectations there might be as far as a future world order.
MEDITATION * Fridays, May 13 to June 17, 10:00-11:00 * Instructor: Shizuyo Okada  (514) 756-0952, okadashizuyo@gmail.com. HYBRID / ROOM 110
Meditation is said to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote emotional health. It enhances our self-awareness, which can help with the management of pain and blood pressure. This course serves as a general introduction to meditation. Did you know that there are various ways to meditate? Each week we start the class with very light movements to loosen the physical body, then explore 1-2 approach(es) to observing the mind and body, including visualization, body scan, sound-focusing, etc. Please wear comfortable clothing for the session. You will be either sitting on a chair or lying down for most of the class, so be sure to have some cushions and blankets nearby!  
MONDAY AT THE MUSEUM II  * Mondays, May 9 to June 20 (no class on May 23),  10:00-12:00 *  Instructor:  Deanne Hall-Habeeb  (514) 931-4550,  hdeanne@gmail.com. ZOOM ONLY                                            
This is the second in a series of courses in which artists, either currently on display or who have been exhibited in the MMFA, will be presented, explained, and explored on Zoom.  This time we will look at and learn about the artists who have sculptures outdoors in the Sculpture Garden. We’ll see Jim Dine of the Hearts, David Altmejd’s angel entitled The Eye, Cézar Baldaccini’s whimsical ostrich. What’s the significance of Barry Flanagan’s rabbits in his sculptures?  Our museum has an impressive collection of internationally famous artists such as Henri Moore and Alexander Calder whose works are in the garden.  On the 6th class, we’ll meet outside of the museum and have a live tour of all the works, especially those not included on zoom, such as Charles Joseph’s imposing totem. and Dale Chihuly’s marvellous glass sun.
MONTREAL TOURS 2022 *Wednesdays, May 11 to June 15, 1:00 - 3:00 * N.B.: THE TOURS ARE NOW FULL
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PAINT COMBINED WITH INK * Fridays May 13 to June 17, 10:00 - 12:00 OR 1:00 - 3:00 (same class offered in AM and PM) * Instructor:  Deanne Hall-Habeeb  (514) 931-4550,  hdeanne@gmail.com. HYBRID / ROOM 500    
In this course we will create a background of colours using free and spontaneous strokes. Colours will be according to our chosen source such as a photograph, a still life, a room interior, flowers, etc.  We will then draw  our subject with ink on this background . The inspirational artist for this technique is Raoul Dufy.  We will use acrylic paint or watercolour for the backgrounds and ink pens or brush pens for the drawings.  OFFERED AM OR PM
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TAI-CHI   Basic  & Intermediate * Tuesdays, May 10 to June 21  (7 classes in session), 2:00-3:00 * Instructor: Colin Young (438) 395-6099,   taichiyoung@msn.com. ZOOM ONLY        
Basic and Intermediate: Should you be concerned about your balance or have a fear of falling, Tai-Chi is the perfect program to help improve your balance and prevent such accidents.  The gentle and graceful movements will increase your flexibility, help reduce pain and calm your spirit.
YOGA (WITH CHAIR) * Wednesdays, May 11 to June 22  (7 classes in session), 10:00-11:00 *   Instructor: Shizuyo Okada  (514) 756-0952, okadashizuyo@gmail.com. HYBRID / ROOM 500
Chair Yoga is a gentler and slower form of Hatha Yoga, in which the practitioners do postures while sitting on a chair or using a chair for support. For this reason, people with limited mobility or people in a smaller office space can practice Chair Yoga with relative ease. It is especially fitting for those who have difficulties sitting or lying down on the floor. Even if you have no mobility issues, if you wish to focus on a light yoga session that increases body awareness and flexibility, this can be a good option for you. Please prepare a sturdy chair with no wheeled legs - something like a waiting/conference room chair would be suitable. No yoga mat or other equipment is required, but if you have yoga blocks and/or a yoga belt, please have them nearby.
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